The Utkal Jagruti Seva Sangh (UJSS) was established in Mumbai as a voluntary Organisation to serve the destitute with the help of a group of pravasi odia people. The UJSS is a network of dedicated volunteers (swyam sevaks) drawn from varied walks of life. It works with many other like-minded organisations from where it gets disciplined work force to carry out rescue, relief, protection of cow, helping cancer patients and rehabilitation work in a systematic way.

   Be it blood donation to cancer patients, financial help to needy people,distributing Bhagvat Geeta and cloths to poor or any form of natural calamity volunteers of UJSS have fought against all odds to reach the people in their hours of crisis.

   The 'Utkal Jagruti Seva Sangh' tries its level best to resolve all kinds of physical, mental, financial, social and religious problems of the needy people. Those wanting to benefit from this sangathan appointed by the 'UJSS.' should place their problems openly before its members. Apart from this Its history is converting challenges into opportunities and serving people with love, dedication and disciplined.

   Anybody can take benefit from 'Utkal Jagruti Seva Sangh' and can thus participate in this endeavour of public welfare.

   The 'Utkal Jagruti Seva Sangh' is being set up with an objective of protecting, fostering, promoting and propagating the odia culture.

   The primary objective of the Sangh is to instill the values and traits of odia sanskruti and culture in the life of each and every individual. The noble endeavours of this Sangh for cultural upliftment are singularly conducive to nation building.

Jai Jagannath. Thank You.